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Highly concerned about the development of ABS plastic sheet industry

Highly concerned about the development of the ABS plastic sheet industry, the comprehensive strength has significantly improved the processing quality of plastic sheets and the processing plane has reached 4000, and the products are gradually being given new surfaces.
Handmade with pure new technology, reducing the cost of heat resistance and surface treatment, and increasing costs; Reduce high-frequency (H) damage, reduce high-frequency interference, and improve product appearance.
Pure new technology has mastered the prices of ABS, PC, PPE, PVC, POM and other products, providing high-quality products for domestic and foreign customers.
Pure new technology has gained an understanding of the prices of ABS, PC, POM and other products, providing various plastic sheet equipment production and processing services for domestic and foreign customers.
And the surface of plastic sheets such as ABS, PP, POM also provides optimized ABS film covers.
The production process of imitation marble mainly consists of three parts - substrate, decoration, and material. If the covering board is coated with resin adhesive, resin adhesive, PVC, PP, PE, or ABS, the dyed material will be mixed with PVC, PS, BOPS, PS, etc. The surface of this material has different color matte, gloss, high gloss and other surface treatment agents. For various types of color sheets, this material will be achieved through color selection and shape, so the selection of color for plastic sheet production equipment will be different, and the selection of color needs to be based on the actual situation.
What is used for advertising packaging? According to the relevant information summary, this material has good impact absorption performance and is the most widely used item in the advertising display field. To address the design issues of this product, manufacturers of this type of sheet metal will attempt to apply highly dispersed coverings to gain a sense of potential market potential.
PET not only has good transparency and anti-static properties, but also has good three-dimensional elasticity and processing flowability, as well as color stability and chemical resistance. PET sheet is a semi crystalline material produced on the basis of PE. Biomass particles are added to the non-woven fabric to make its surface smooth and have good color transmittance and chemical properties. From the above functions, PET sheets are widely used and are the most popular product in the packaging industry.
In terms of advertising, it is used as a mounting lining for exhibitions, displays, and announcements of product promotional information, and is also widely used as a one-time purchase of audiovisual equipment through silk screens.
Professional production of PET sheets, PVC sheets, and PET sheets, amber and fluorescent sheets. The main products include: PET thickness, PET heat shrink film, PET cushion, PET blister shell, PVC transparent sheet, PS board and PVC skin, PE sheet material, etc. The edges of the produced products are adjusted by the polishing machine speed from 01-02mm, and the edges are not sticky.
The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Our integrity, strength, and product quality have been widely recognized in the industry< eod>。