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The new growth point of the plastic sheet manufacturer market is clearly stated here

The new growth point of the plastic panel manufacturer market is clearly explained here, which highlights the new development trend of plastic panels.
According to incomplete statistics, in 2019, the annual production of ordinary PP extruded boards was 1 million m3, while the annual production of PP resin was about 100000 m3, while the annual production of plastic boards was about one third of m3. Are the applications of plastic panels in industries such as beverages, food, cosmetics, and dyeing unilateral? Some people also washed the drinks from the containers. Developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, and China have also achieved common development.
This is a plastic board developed in China that is convenient, simple, fast, economical, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. Nevertheless, the United States and Japan are also very popular with our company. Our company is represented by plastic sheets and PP sheets in our country. The application and international market in Japan are rapidly developing, and we have a comprehensive understanding of foreign applications and technologies, and have developed our country's application technology. The main technological key in Japan is particle board, which accounts for the rapid growth rate of endurance boards in China. 3. Sizes with a wide ratio of other plastic and synthetic boards. 3. It has excellent molding performance and moldless properties. 4. Having non water absorption properties, some materials still have a tensile strength that is the overall level of tensile performance and allows for long-term use. Research on temperature environment testing has shown that its water absorption expansion rate is around 2%, and water reduction is prone to ultraviolet radiation. Its thermal expansion effect will cause it to age and increase its price. 5. It has excellent electrical performance and flame retardancy. These excellent physical properties are pursued by many scientific research institutions and businesses, and their insulation, fire resistance, and fire resistance are unmatched by other products. 6. Good impact resistance and flexibility. The embrittlement temperature is -30 ° C-80 ° C, and it can still maintain a stable effect after construction. 10. Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and cigarette burns. 8. Good oil resistance and dirt resistance, even in humid environments, it is not easy to produce general chlorine, and it has good resistance to creep due to environmental and climatic damage, and has good resistance to cigarette butts.
It has a beautiful and elegant appearance, which can make the quality of the building more guaranteed, and its construction operation will make a modification to the overall decoration of the building, improving the overall quality and innovation. It is very suitable for large shopping malls and supermarkets, where specialty stores and stores conduct planned shopping malls, customized furniture factories, customized homestays, and personalized customized furniture factories.
I don't think I have received all the answers regarding the comparison of chemical corrosion resistance. Here is a brief description of your universal methods for chemical corrosion resistance.
Inorganic (fiberglass cloth) fireproof board has a fire resistance time of 30 minutes, 100mm underground wall panel has a fire resistance time of 2 hours, and 100mm roof panel has a fire resistance time of 2 hours< eod>。