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Complete List of Analysis Institutions in the PVC Plastic Sheet Industry

Complete List of Analysis Institutions in the PVC Plastic Sheet Industry (Updated Successfully in 2023) (Today/Open.
Due to the melting and polymerization of PE material during extrusion, a simple eccentric exhaust device is formed at the mold head of the granulator, which can reduce the circle formed by the granulator in the feeding pipeline of the granulator;
Due to the PE material being extruded in a strip or block shape, arranged in a layered or network shape in the plane, its principle is similar to that of metal alloys;
Applications: packaging industry, construction industry, chemical industry, machinery, shipbuilding, medical equipment, chemical packaging industry, electronic communication, pharmaceutical technology, food industry, etc.
PE protective film is a polymer organic compound with a simple structure, which is currently used for various types of trifluoro bands, carbon pentafluoride, ethylene suspension protective film, low-cost metal processing geotextile film, polyethylene foam mesh, PET foam board, pearl cotton film, pearl cotton coating film, etc. on the structural surface.
Polyethylene foam mesh is an environmentally friendly mesh body with low cost, high quality, high reliability, low cost, and low cost. Polyethylene foam mesh is currently an internationally advanced plastic foam mesh covering machine. PE protective film is composed of high-density polyethylene sheet, self-adhesive adhesive, UV resistant agent, breathable partition, protective cover, production equipment, etc.
The protective film should be stored in a place with a temperature and humidity not exceeding 40 ° C. Materials with packaging requirements should be curled when stacked flat.
In terms of labor, the protective film should avoid being damaged or scratched, be kept dry and tidy, and prevent wrinkles.
Do not jump the hand mold on the protective film of the crust (PVC). Only adhesive with "hand" adhesive on one side and "hand grasping wood" on one side can be used.
The commonly used protective materials for PVC protective films are polyester (PET) BOPS, adhesive tape, rubber, plastic, organic glass board, polystyrene, and polyolefin.
The ratio of adhesive to hardness is: The PET packaging protective film uses optical PET, and a layer of anti-static coating technology is formed on the surface of PET to ensure the output of properties.
PVC packaging protective film material: PET film is covered with transparent PVC, which is an environmentally friendly product and free from lead pollution and poses no harm to human health.
There are differences between PET release film and ordinary film: ordinary adhesive film, BOPP release film, PET organic film, and unglued release film, while PVC release film has various types.
There are two types of materials for PET release films (other types of release films), mainly based on different production processes, which have different focuses in order to produce films suitable for large-scale products.
Our company's products mainly include: PVC blister, PS blister, ABS blister, matte, leather grain, flocking blister, PVC material, and other products.