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Plastic sheet manufacturer market launches offline business "value war"

The market for plastic sheet manufacturers has launched a "value war" for offline business, with layered layers! Jiang Hongqiang and Xu Kuang have 11 routine certificates and 16 related certificates, and Xu Kuang is responsible for "20 years of experience
Polyethylene plastic building templates are mainly made of advanced polymer plastic structural materials, and plastic waterproof templates. Our company independently develops a new generation of polymer co molded self-adhesive mold.
In terms of process technology, operating procedures, process control, and film cutting speed tracking, the company has three production lines with a daily production capacity of up to 300 tons.
A complete set of equipment for the plastic industry, including fully automatic plastic shredders, computer bus operating procedures, servo system installation, and mold testing switching; Separate all network control points, names, and sizes of the equipment; Plastic melt spraying heating device
How is the market for plastic building templates? The sales manager and engineering department manager of the plastic template brand Yipian General Manager in Henan, utilizing the product advantages of the Henan plastic building template distributor, have equipped professional sales engineers for the Henan plastic building template distributor to achieve“
When using plastic building template production lines, they may encounter various problems, so the methods of handling them are also different. Therefore, what should be done to solve the problems caused?
When using plastic templates, they are greatly affected by the environment, so we should pay attention to their cleanliness
The thermal conductivity of plasticizers with thickness, density, and glue content is as low as 073 and as low as 06
Plastic building templates should be divided into profile walls or steel templates, some wood or some plastic
Composition and selection of production equipment for p sheet of pp sheet and p sheet of foam board. Production process of PP sheet: PP sheet
What are the components of plastic PP board? The main component of plastic PP board is polypropylene, and the component of PP is also polypropylene
The processing technology, characteristics, and specific process flow of plastic sheets In the field of plastic processing, ABS thick sheet suction technology can be used to produce plastic shells.
The specific process flow of plastic sheet material is blister packaging molding. This process produces plastic pallets called flocking. At present, our company's products adopt a one-time molding process, which combines high molecular weight polymers such as fiberglass and polyester.
What is the blister box made of? Blister box: A blister product made by a blister forming machine. Mainly used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, health products, cosmetics, and electronic products.
Common ones include: TV back cover, sanitary ware, curtains, lampshades, etc., car dashboard, lining, seats, gloves, sports equipment, hardware, sports protectors, foot mats, etc.