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All you want to know about PET plastic sheets is here

Oven: Various curing methods are used, including modern decoration, electronic components, various decorative panels, and automotive decorative parts.
Injection molding: Silicone filling can greatly improve the performance used, save costs, and avoid white color on the surface.
● Blister: cups, cosmetics, sports goods, medical applications, hardware, tools, hardware, material series, etc.
PVC transparent soft board (5) PVC board: It is a high-performance, transparent, clean, and colorful flexible advertising printing wall board. Its MESD three-dimensional composite material is a widely used decoration material. Its polymer processing technology adopts a unique formula and adds polymer matrix materials, greatly improving the impact resistance of MES three-dimensional composite materials.
PVC soft board, also known as PVC transparent plastic, is a semi crystalline material. Compared with steel, PVC soft board has higher hardness, mechanical properties, impact strength, and friction coefficient, as well as excellent wear resistance and electrical insulation performance.
PVC soft board has good heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical stability, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, insulation and processability.
PVC welding rods are used in the extrusion molding process of PVC profiles, with a wide range of products that can be mass-produced.
Application scope: Widely used in industries such as automobiles, machinery, instruments, agricultural machinery, chemical engineering, construction, etc. It is also commonly used to make clocks and ships.
PVC lampshade board is made of a brand new high-quality lighting and fire resistant material. The appearance of the lampshade board is confirmed, and it is more concise, energy-saving, and cost-effective than PS lampshade board.
It is widely believed in the industry that replacing steel with plastic is the best choice for super strong anti-corrosion coatings such as non corrosion-resistant and rust resistant aluminum, composite plates, galvanized aluminum, and stainless steel. The main reason for surface cracks on PVC lampshade panels is due to stress deformation, which generates corresponding self stress and causes bending deformation of the panels< eod>。