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How to Quickly Increase Product Weight in Foreign Trade of PVC Plastic Sheet

How to Quickly Increase Product Weight and Deeply Enhance Product Value in Foreign Trade of PVC Plastic Sheet Forming Mold Injection Molding.
Drying process electrical engineering: used for low temperature hot melting point, high melting point, and low melting point (around 4-5cm). Drying process electrical engineering: The key points of the online material equipment in the scanning type spraying section of the high melting point and ultra high arc feeding are controlled online by normalizing, and then connected through the chassis and inclined shaft to achieve a slurry volume of 002~005% for the upper and lower hot melt materials.
What are the maintenance methods for polyvinyl chloride plastic parts? Hot melting refers to the temperature range of the product at ± -5 ° C. Based on the selection of materials for the product series (such as the manufacturer), try to maintain a comprehensive physical performance to study, in order to obtain good workability. Additionally, it is also possible to choose to maintain relatively good physical properties within the range of ± -10 ° C.
The general operation process for hot melt welding of polyvinyl chloride plastic parts can be divided into three types: hot welding refers to the use of a hot fusion device. Hot welding uses heated equipment to adjust the temperature of the processed product using air, allowing it to play its role.
Usually, a dedicated scraper is used to print along the colored adhesive directly on the surface, and then a dedicated silk nail is used to fix it on the plastic, rubber, fabric, or epoxy resin of the metal substrate.
Before conducting hot melting, the staff needs to handle the veneer properly to avoid being unstable and damaged.
For PVC plastic parts, the coating must be flat, smooth, and uniform, without bubbles, holidays, or perforations. It is strictly prohibited to observe PVC containing impurities.
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