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Building 3, Qide Industrial Park, Xingye East Road, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong
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Mingde Plastic Company is an integrated plastic manufacturer which combines scientific research, manufacturing and marketing.

We are specialized in plastic sheets, rolled material, acrylic products large vacuum formed products and plastic sheet deep processing. The plastic sheet includes ABS sheet, PS sheet, PP sheet, PE sheet, PC sheet, PVC sheet, PET sheet, PETG sheet, double color sheet, ABS/PMMA, HIPS/GPPS composite sheet and so forth.


We believe in having a transparent and open supply chain for all of our customers. Working with esteem to the different cultures in the production countries, we combine local strength with our own experience for a high outcome of quality products that meet our customers request.


Our experienced and passionate team will guide you throughout the complete production process. We can offer all necessary service and input, such as design, sourcing, product development, fitting, production and logistics.

Cooperation field: Our products are widely used in automobiles, household appliances, advertising, sanitary ware, toys, luggage, machinery, electronic appliances, medical equipment, building model, vacuum blister, etc


Plastic sheet workshop: Our company has introduced advanced extrusion machines. The maximum width of the sheet can be reached 2000MM.and the thickness is in the range of 0. 1-30MM. It has a matte, high light and extinction levels, and can be made in textured, frosted, diamond-textured, lichee patterns according to customer requirements. In addition, we also produce two layers of co-extruded double-color sheets, the double color sheet with surface coating process, ABS/PC, ABS/PVC, ABS/PMMA composite sheet and other items.

Quality control

Through the whole order process we attach great value on quality to make sure the goods fulfil all requirements and standards. This begins with the selection of the materials and accessories and ends with the final inspection.